Weekly Newsletter : February 25th, 2019

Testing March 16th, 2019

Happy SUNNY Monday y’all!!! Holy guacamole, testing is coming up so soon I cannot believe it! I absolutely love testing so much! We all love having the opportunity to celebrate all of our fantastic students and their hard work. Friendly reminder that even if a student is unable to be at testing, or doesn’t quite have all of their stripes, that is a-okay! 🙂 If a student or parent has a question about testing, please feel free to ask your instructors, we are here for Y’ALL! 🙂 I hope y’all have a lovely week! Love, Coach Becca

Curriculum this week :

 Dragons :

Boxing, Lead Leg Thai Kicks, Block Set, Noodles Blocks and MORE! 🙂 

Basic Karate Kids

Self-Defense techniques, Basic 2 and Boxing

Intermediate and Advanced Karate Kids

Lots of Heian Sandan for Int. students, and Bassai for our Adv. students! Woohoo!

*Wednesday night sparring in the advanced class!

Self-Defense & What That Means

This week we are talking a lot about self-defense either verbally and/or physically, and when to use which one. We have had a lot of awesome mat chats with our fantastic students, already this week and it’s only Tuesday! This is such an important topic to discuss and as always, please feel free to ask your instructors about any questions or concerns you may be having. At the end of the day, parents, discuss with your kiddos your preference of what you want them to do. We care about all of our students SO MUCH, and will do everything in our power to help prepare them to protect themselves.

Happy Birthday to the man in the middle, Soke Larry!!!
Happy Birthday to the gal in the middle, Sensei Tyler!!!

Happy Birthday, Soke Larry & Sensei Tyler!

We have had two recent birthdays for two of our fantastic staff members. First is Soke Larry, the goofy guy who we can all thank for believing in his dream to open up this fabulous school where we have all become family! And Sensei Tyler, one of our fearless instructors who we cannot thank enough for her constant love and dedication! 

On March 9th, in the morning, some of us will be participating in a community service opportunity! Details can be found on the tv at the school and in next week’s edition of the weekly newsletter! Please come join us and wearing a Family First T-Shirt or Hoodie! 🙂

We have a box here at the dojo for food donations to the Well. Check out the High Needs list of food items on The Well’s website which highlights the most needed items for the shelves. Bring your items here and we will make sure they make them over there!

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