My Goals for the UBBT 2018


Health Goals

  • Diet- Lose 20-30 lbs.
    • Reset and detox my system by juice fasting 10 days (Starting 1/1/18
    • Eliminate sugars
    • Reduce gluten and other inflammatory foods
    • Increase water consumption
  • Fitness
    • Daily workouts (in addition to push-up variations and crunches / static abs)
      • Kettlebells (32kg &28kg)
        • Simple and Sinister (100 two handed swings & 10 Turkish Getups)
        • Gobble Squats / Lunges with doubles
      • Walk/Run/Bike/Swim at least 3 miles
      • Katas
        • Learn Anan Kata
        • Practice Suparimpei kata 3 per day minimum.
      • BJJ
        • Live rolling rounds (as many as I can get in.  3 minimum)
      • Mental
        • Active meditation by learning Kyudo (Japanese Archery)
        • Active meditation Knife throwing (OK.. this one is just for fun)
        • Prayer/devotionals
        • Reading List
          • Lessons From a Third Grade Drop Out: Rick Rigsby PhD
          • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: Mark Manson
          • Unshakable: Tony Robbins
          • Entreleadership: 20 Years of practical business wisdom from the trendhes: Dave Ramsey
          • Financial Peace: Dave Ramsey
          • Beyond Reason, Using Emotions as you negotiate: Roger Fisher, Daniel Shapiro
          • Getting to Yes: Roger Fisher
          • Smarter Better Faster, The secrets of being productive in life and business: Charles Duhigg
          • Money Master the game, 7 simple steps to financial freedom: Tony Robbins
          • Zig Ziglar’s Leadership and Success Series
          • How to stay motivated, Changing the picture: Zig Ziglar
          • How to Stay Motivated, Developing the Quality of Success: Zig Ziglar
          • Biocentrism, How life and consciousness are the keys to the true nature of the universe: Robert Lanza, Bob Berman 

Martial Arts / Training Goals

  • Brazilian JiuJitsu
    • Work towards earning purple belt (one stripe blue belt currently)
    • Fly out to Reno NV at least quarterly to work with Professor Kelley Perotti
    • Private instruction weekly with Sean Patton at UFC Gym in Hendersonville TN
    • Training 4 to 5 days per week
  • Goju-Shorei Karate
    • Continue to work and develop advance black belt curriculum.
    • Compete in the regional tournaments in both Kata and Weapons

Personal Goals

  • Balance training with raising two children and running two schools.
  • Spending time just playing with my kiddos.
  • Go on dates with my wife monthly. (at least)

Professional / Business Goals

  • Head of Goju-Shorei Systems
    • Create a membership site that serves the schools and students of Goju-Shorei and generates revenue for further development.
    • Work with the Directors to develop new curriculum
    • Film new material
  • Family First Martial Arts
    • Staff development
      • Define responsibilities for Branch Managers and Assistant Managers.
      • Utilize GoTo Meeting for conferences with school leadership.
    • Create student membership site as a student study companion with curriculum videos and documentation as well as practice tips
    • Update school websites.
    • Acquire land for future building of a 20000 sqft strip mall that will be the future location of our Spring Hill School


  • Problem:
    • Martial Arts in the Middle TN is low quality and mediocre at best because each school is separated and doesn’t collaborate or interact in anyway with each other.
    • Support for events Tournaments / Seminars doesn’t exist and because of the lack of participation it makes it difficult to bring high caliber Martial Artists to come out to the area.
    • Business practices in the martial arts industry in middle TN are antiquated and don’t represent the industry with integrity or professionalism.
  • Solution
    • Create the Tennessee Coalition Of Martial Artists. This will (slowly) bring the local martial arts community closer together and open up the doors for intelligent dialog and continued training.
    • Through having a pool of martial artists together, we will be able to support each other and encourage our students to attend seminars and competitions locally here in TN
    • My goal is to have a monthly training session at any school who would like to host .  We would train for an hour or so and then have a networking session about business and operations.
  • More details including my action plan will be in my project outline.

I am still adding to this list.

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  1. These are the kind of goals that a Master would aspire to, and you, Sir, are that Master.

  2. Awesome list! I plan on spending some time today getting mine down.

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