Hide and Go Seek

So one of my goals this year is to calm the raging sea of demands on my life and spend quality time playing with my children.  Too often my son asks me to play or come to his room or wants to show me something and I reply “not right now buddy”.  What used to have no effect is now starting to turn to disappointment on his face and its killing me.  I mean what good is it to work so hard to build a school or expand the business so you can have more freedom to do the things that really matter if you constantly dismiss the very things that really matter.  I should get this, my schools are named FAMILY FIRST!!!

An Epic Game..  Josiah, asks to play all the time. Hide and go seek has been his game of choice of late and I have to admit he’s getting pretty good. He hides in goofy places all the time where most of his body is in plain sight.  If you wait too long to find him he gives you audibles..  “Yu-Hoo!” I’ll hear from across the house. I’ll walk quietly so as not to make him aware of my approach.  Ever so Ninja-esk I sneak to where he is “hiding” and proceed to scare the sillies out of him.  We scream and laugh and play like time doesn’t exist and laughter doesn’t cost a thing.  This one time he got me good.  I kneeled down and put my head on the ottoman and started to count. 1…. 2….. 3…..  I felt little feet around my legs and then a little butt sitting on my feet.  My daughter..  wanting in on the action..   4…. 5…. 6…. I continue to count but am distracted by the cuteness at my feet.  I look at Dani and try to get her attention to the baby girl at my feet hoping she’ll grab her phone to snap a picture so I can see what this looks like.  After all I’m still counting..  7…  8…  But I’m distracted because as I’m telling Dani to look at Cali..  her face has a confused look on it.  and I’m wondering why… She’s missing the cuteness at my feet.  Dani realizes whats going on and begins to smile but it appears i am the butt of the joke.  I turn around to see not my daughter..  but Josiah sitting on my feet! Hiding in plain sight.  We all bust out in laughter for a long while and Josiah now has bragging rights.

Lesson Learned…  I realized that its easy to ignore the things that are in plain sight. For me the things i treasure most are right in front of me every single day.  I don’t have to “work” for them. I can enjoy my family, play with my kiddos, love on my wife and still take care of business.  But sometimes..  just sometimes..  you have to get in an epic game of hide and go seek.

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