The Road to Perfect

The road to perfect is a road to nowhere.  I have a hard time with the last 5% of a goal or task that I find important to me.  I usually feel like there’s still something missing or something to be improved upon.  And I’ll probably spend 80% of my time on that last 5%. 

Hide and Go Seek

So one of my goals this year is to calm the raging sea of demands on my life and spend quality time playing with my children.  Too often my son asks me to play or come to his room or wants to show me something and I reply “not right now buddy”.  What used to


Stay Motivated

My Goals for the UBBT 2018

 UBBT 2018 GOALS Health Goals Diet- Lose 20-30 lbs. Reset and detox my system by juice fasting 10 days (Starting 1/1/18 Eliminate sugars Reduce gluten and other inflammatory foods Increase water consumption Fitness Daily workouts (in addition to push-up variations and crunches / static abs) Kettlebells (32kg &28kg) Simple and Sinister (100 two handed

The Ultimate Black Belt Test

Wait…  What is it.. I get that a lot when i mention it to friends or students.  I start to explain it and sound a little like Morpheus from the Matrix….  Take the red pill… So let me try to explain here. The UBBT is a test designed to inspire change and demonstrate that amazing