Martial Arts For Parents

One of the most interesting aspects of my job is talking with prospective students. I always ask them why they want to do martial arts- what they hope to learn or accomplish.  Children often say they think karate looks fun. But not adults. Adults, especially parents, usually have a specific adult reason. We have to,

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Put On Conquering Boots

I’m currently in my fifth month of testing for second degree in mixed martial arts but I’ve not been exactly conquering the process.  I’ve been constantly tweaked and torn on my right side in various ways for the entire time. Because, well because, it turns out if you have a broken toe that you ignore

Creating Space

Empty spaces. Breathing room. Margin. As I ponder my family’s summer schedule I’m trying to be mindful of leaving empty spaces. And I mean empty- not filled with electronic buzzing or beeping. Truly empty. The old fashioned- “Go find something to do, don’t pester the dog, and come back later.” sort of spaces. I’m convinced

After my older kids took off this morning I sat opposite my 10 year old in the living room surrounded by chaos. A blanket fort that had been built (and slept in) earlier that week had collapsed. A birthday breakfast had left the kitchen in shambles. Mail was piled up. Shoes…. shoes everywhere and laundry

Focusing on the outcome

So far this year I have been through two Tony Robbins personal growth training sessions, the Time of Your Life and Get the Edge.  One of the biggest things I took away from the Time of Your Life series was learning to condition myself to focus on the “outcome”.   Rather than focus on a

Dojo Parenting

Fairly often a coach’s open letter to parents pops up in my Facebook feed. It’s usually a fairly long list of things for parents NOT to do, delivered with a great amount of raw frustration. The lists generally make me feel blessed; I get to work with a great group of families. Another don’t list

A Backwards Look at Competing

All of my children have taken piano lessons.  It’s part and parcel of our family and many of my children showed natural talent but only one child really loved piano.  That is to say, loved all of piano, including practicing. Their piano teacher ran a small studio and year after year that one child outshone

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Working Through Injuries

Adjusting your training during an injury Having trained in the martial arts for almost 3 decades now, I’ve had my fair share of injuries.  Several times it’s been during the high times of the ebb and flow of motivation, which can be extremely frustrating.  I’ve made adjustments such as training only with my upper body

Continuing Your Training as a Mom

So you CAN be a mom and still get your work out in The above picture is of my living room carpet.  A carpet full of stains from toddler juice spills, coffee mishaps, well ordained by the young family.  Before I had my first child 4 years ago, I worked out almost everyday.  That completely

3 Lessons Learned

Life has a funny way of teaching us.  There’s no teaching like life experience..  honestly. And while this year I’ve dedicated myself to the Ultimate Black Belt Test to push me to improving myself and those around me, it has become life that has pushed me the most. The lessons that have impacted me so