Shortly after I moved to Nashville, I met a songwriter named David Lee (writer of Lucky Man, Letters From Home, I Need You).  I was still new and green to town and living on the high of the musically magical place of Nashville.  David took me to lunch at a local songwriters hang at Longhorn

Bullying. Whats The Cost?

What are we doing?  Really! What the heck are we doing? So bullying has been around since people learned to be jerks to one another. Its programed in us and will always be an issue.  Listen..  We will NEVER get rid of it.  So all the “Defeat Bullying” or “Stop Bullying” campaigns will never accomplish

Family First

This is the second time I’ve done the Ultimate Black Belt Test.  The first time was 10 years ago.  I finished every requirement to a “T”.  It wasn’t easy but I was able to do it all.  But this test has been very different, and I knew it would be different.  I run 2 martial

Man vs technology

4 Little Words

It’s an internal mantra that I repeat over and over..  4 little words… several times a day.  Mostly inside my head, where my thoughts get scrambled like a bowl of spaghetti and the angel and devil of my conscience do battle as if they were feuding siblings. Just 4 little words… that get me in

Outcomes for 2018 Be in the best shape of my life so I can be proud of how I look and feel and can create an awesome example of happy, healthy person for my kids and my students. Action plan: 2018 minutes of static abs (5-6 minutes per day) 50,000 lower body exercises (150 per


Oh how I love coconuts.  Somewhere floating around in youtube space is a video of coach Tom Callos and I opening a coconut in Hawaii when when we were out training with BJ Penn.  I was so excited to have one straight from the island! I developed my love for the coconut 20 years ago

Random Acts of Kindness

The Good Stuff

So I was inspired by a post of fellow UBBT2018 Team member Paul Castagno, where Sensei Paul posted a picture of 1300 Recorded acts of Kindness at his Dojo (you can follow his work here  It was just the thing that excited Dani and I when we started our schools. What could be the

The Road to Perfect

The road to perfect is a road to nowhere.  I have a hard time with the last 5% of a goal or task that I find important to me.  I usually feel like there’s still something missing or something to be improved upon.  And I’ll probably spend 80% of my time on that last 5%. 

Hide and Go Seek

So one of my goals this year is to calm the raging sea of demands on my life and spend quality time playing with my children.  Too often my son asks me to play or come to his room or wants to show me something and I reply “not right now buddy”.  What used to


Stay Motivated