Just some of our Google Reviews.


We have over thirty five 5 star reviews and thats something we are pretty proud of. Family First Martial Arts was also voted "Best Of Williamson County" in the 2016 Sizzle Awards for Youth Martial Arts Programs.. So we have that going for us.
  • Family First is one of the best decisions we have made for our daughter. With my wife and I having been in coaching for years, it is very refreshing to see the energy and passion the staff has for their students. We can see the growth in our daughter as a martial artist but most importantly her discipline and work ethic. The staff is quickly becoming the surrogate parents that great coaches and mentors often become and we couldn’t ask for better role models. Family First is more than just a name.
    Chris Henson - Parent
  • Our 11 year old son started at Family First almost a year ago. Given the choice he would spend all day every day there. From the beginning I was impressed with how well run the studio is- everything from class time being well spent to someone always available to answer the phone and very low student teacher ratios. I loved the fact we didn't have to sign a contract and that we are not nickle-and-dimed to death with surprise fees. A few months ago my 7 year old son with health problems joined and just this week I joined with my teens. We all love it. The instructors are absolutely brilliant at taking every student, no matter the level of innate talent, as an individual and pushing/inspiring/empowering them to learn.
    Susan Tipton - Parent
  • My 10 year old daughter has been taking martial arts from Sensei Dani and Sensei Larry since they first opened almost two years ago. After testing several other martial arts schools, we fell in love with Family First right from the start. My daugher's face lights up with a smile at every class! One of the school's mottos is: "Be the change you want to see in the world." This is exemplified in every class. Sensei Larry and Sensei Dani care deeply about the success of their students in martial arts. More importantly, they care about their students success in life. In every class they focus on building the character of the students as well as their martial arts skills. Family First Martial arts offers extremely skilled instructors. The learning environment is energetic and uplifting. Students at Family First Martial arts are sure to strengthen their body as well as their spirit and mind.
    Leah Jordan - Parent
“There simply are not enough stars on this rating because Family First Martial Arts Training Center far exceeds what I ever expected when my daughters joined two years ago. We are treated like family there, the senseis are so fun, informative, knowledgeable, caring, and did I state fun? I love the confidence I see in every child and adult who attends and I love the encouragement of the staff and fellow students towards one another.


Dedicated Mom
“This Martial Arts program has done wonders for my very active son! He receives what I believe is the best instruction in our area. I have no doubts that he will be a black belt someday!


Dedicated Mom


Dedicated Mom
“Our 2 boys have been Lil' Dragons for 18 months and love Family First. They love learning the new moves and advancing through the various belts. I love the flexible schedule and not being tied to a contract.